Any time you are thinking about making a change, whether it’s something with short-term effects like changing your hair color or with long-lasting impact like starting a new business, you’re bound to have some reservations. Get past the reservations and move forward to exciting new endeavors with these tips to motivate yourself to take the risk


This age old trick works across all facets of life; from helping you to score that winning goal in your soccer game to nailing an investor meeting. The first step to successfully taking a risk is to visualize the end result. Is it piles of money? You walking confidently? A certain lifestyle? The first way to motivate yourself to take the next step toward that risk is to conquer your fear – so close your eyes, take some deep breaths, and picture what the success after you take your risk looks like.


Make a pros and cons list to help you weigh your options and discover your true thoughts. Rather than going by sheer length, assign weights to each item. Odds are, at the end of the day, the score won’t matter – you’ll know which direction you’re leaning in and that it will be toward the new endeavor.


Nothing makes you feel more at peace with your decision than running the numbers and the plan again and again. Before you take the leap, you’ll do your homework (and do it well). Any risky endeavor is worth some careful exploration, so take the time you need to know the ins and outs from every angle. Knowing that you are knowledgeable and prepared is often all the motivation that you need.


The phrase goes, “we only regret the chances we didn’t take.” Though taking chances can have repercussions – positive or negative, even in the negative ones we can often find a lesson or, at the least, enjoy the ride. You may live to wish that things had turned out otherwise when you take a risk – but if you don’t take the risk, you’re guaranteed to always wonder what may have been. Weigh both sides of the line – then go back and do step one on the list again.


Often times, the only ingredient lacking in success is our confidence in ourselves. If you don’t have the right answer, press forward until you do – then walk in confidently and give it. If you don’t feel confident, don’t let it show – sometimes, you have to fake it until you make it. Particularly when it comes to outward images, by acting a way we in time become it – in short, fake it until you make it.


Many times when considering taking a new risk, people form plans b’s, c’s, and d’s either in their heads or on paper. These secondary, tertiary, etc. plans just get in the way and cloud thinking. To move forward and take that risk, you need focus – so decide which path you want to take and get rid of the mud that’s clouding the waters. Find your way, be decisive, and commit – everything else can go in the trash.

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  1. Ro McWilli 7 years ago

    This was a very great article. I’ve been considering a change in careers and I’ve been lacking your first step. These will be great words to have by my side when I finally get the wheels turning. Thanks SB! 

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