Public Relations/Publicity

In public relations and publicity, it’s often all about who you know and being “in” the know ranks far above accreditation. Publicists who have spent years at publicity firms or ad agencies have built up quite the contact list, filled with clients, event planners, caterers, media, and the like – what’s to stop them from heading out on their own?


Climbing the restaurant ranks is a tough sport for true aspiring chefs – particularly in the gourmet space. With limited spots, aspiring chefs with a business sense may find it appealing to start their own restaurant, creating their own place as head chef. Clearly, the restaurant business is not just about great food though, so often times, aspiring chefs will partner with a business-minded entrepreneur to ensure a well-rounded, well-run establishment.

Alternately, there is a wealth of franchise options available to suit any palate from Indian cuisine to barbeque to sandwiches. This option typically appeals to the business person, as the real magic happens behind the scenes in the books. You’ll need to work with the franchising operation, license the equipment, hire and manage staff, and manage finances. The real returns come when licensing multiple establishments.

Web Developer

Web development is a field in constant flux (anyone remember Cold Fusion?) and many developers take it upon themselves to stay up to date on the latest programming languages and operating systems. Though work is certainly easier to find while working at an established firm, Web developers who head out on their own quickly learn that they can compete with the big houses by offering lower costs and more personal customer service.

Developers may have interest in partnering with freelance designers to offer a full-circle approach that includes both the programming and customer experience sides of the house. Additionally as, let’s face it, Web developers often speak a language all their own, adding a project manager to the team can be a great asset. With very little overhead required (everyone can work from home on their own technology), this is the perfect business for those with time and skill, but little start-up funding.


The growth of the internet has opened doors to many designers and artists alike. Whether you design custom clothing, paint, or specialize in knit crafts and beyond, the internet storefronts can be a great avenue for the personal gift and design space.

The base requirement for this profession lies in talent – you must have a trade or artistic skill in order to have a product, but with online storefronts, there is minimal requirement for the business side – at least initially.

Event Consultant

Event consultants typically start out at a large event firm, in-house event venue, or publicity firm – and during their tenure, learn the best venues, caterers, photographers, and more. Salaries at big houses tend to come up short, but once you have your PMP, becoming an individual consultant may be just the ticket.

Event consultant companies range from one person to hundreds, so there is room to grow as the business grows, making this a great business to start if you have the connections and eye for detail.

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